No one likes emergencies

Three years later. The month of March is always a month of gratitude and thankfulness. I look at our youngest daughter and remember that it could have gone another way. That she could have left this earth and stayed gone. Instead, thanks to God and quick thinking from my husband, our daughter is happy enough to run all over the house, leaving a trail of Cheerios down the hall.

Many people want to forget that awful day in March. But I can’t forget it. Instead, I press forward and bug my friends and family all month to come and be CPR trained. So, why should our readers be treated any differently?

I ask, if you were faced with a medical emergency, would you know what to do? 


Don’t leave it to chance! Join us for CPR training at Greater Ecclesia Temple on Saturday, March 24, 2018  beginning promptly at 10am.  For $25, you are provided with a healthy lunch and enough information to be a lifesaver. Vendors are on hand with products to encourage you and your family to have a safe and healthy life. And you get a special card at the end to remind you that you are prepared.

We hope to see you there! Remember….life is precious.

Greater Ecclesia Temple is located at 9611 Iris Street in Detroit, MI 48227.


Lovin’ Life to Save Lives

LL2SL_flyerI love to plan parties. Every birthday, the hubby and I pull all of the money we can together to make sure that our children feel celebrated. And it usually  works, to the point that when it is our birthday, they feel that we need to have a party too.

So of course we wanted to celebrate the first anniversary of Ava’s experience.

To read more about Ava’s story, click here

Though some will want to forget the day that we lost her only to have God return her sweet spirit to us 6 minutes later,  we feel the need to be ever thankful. The way that we show our thanks to the Lord is to share with our friends and family the importance of CPR training.

Are you CPR certified? Join us!

We teamed up with the Ecclesia Community Development Corporation to develop an event that is fun and educational. With Ava in mind, we are calling the event Lovin’ Life to Save Lives. On Saturday, March 19, 2016,  we invite everyone to participate in CPR Training/Certification at Greater Ecclesia Temple in Detroit. The event, which costs $25/person, begins at 10am and lunch is provided.

If you are certified, and would like to sponsor someone else, please message me today. Our goal is to make sure that no one goes through what we went through. My hubby saved Ava’s life through brief CPR training learned by watching tv. We want you to have the real thing.

Greater Ecclesia Temple is located at 9611 Iris Street in Detroit.

Welcome Back and Other Special Announcements

It’s been a while since I have blogged…I know…beat me.  But, I have awesome news…we’re pregnant! For the past few months, I have been kind of reluctant to say anything about this wonderful news, which is strangely odd because my first pregnancy I was shouting it from the rooftops as soon the two lines showed up on the pregnancy test.

For this pregnancy, we decided to wait until I reached my third month to let the “cat out of the bag” I had let a few people know (including my Mom), but for the most part it was tightly held secret. And like all 21st century Moms, I wanted to make the big announcement on Facebook, I just didn’t know how I wanted to do it. I searched online, but nothing seemed to really fit us. With a little help from a co-worker and my hubby, a perfect announcement was crafted:

“After reviewing the play on whether the Snead family is having another baby, the play came back positive, the baby is in the Snead family, has the plus one. The baby is in!”

The announcement was perfect for us because our family loves sports and it wasn’t a run of the mill preggo announcement.  And now…everyone knows!

Now, we need to come up something catchy once we find out the baby’s gender!